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I used to joke that I would name my first ulcer "No Frills" after my workplace.
I went to the doctor today. Guess what? She's pretty sure I have an ulcer. I need to do more tests though.
Yes, the customers have driven this 18 to have an ulcer. It's not like my job itself is stressful. In the words of Randal, "This job would be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers."

Like the woman who responded to my "Hello" by pointing of the basket of groceries she placed on the belt. And throwing her money at me.
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Worst. Customer. Ever.
wa= woman a
wb= woman b

wa gives me her credit card. I put it though and give her the slip to sign. I turn around to pick up her card while she signs.

wb: Hey! Isn't that *your* card? (very acusitory tone)

wa had absent mindedly taken the slip and my pen (!) thinking it was her recipt or something. Fucking bitch behind her had accused me of trying to steal her credit card.

1. I hadn't noticed she had started towards the door, I was waiting for my slip
2. You don't get your card back till you sign for it.


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A true story : Tasha and the express lane

One day I was the most senior cashier at the grocery store where I work, because my manager was on her break. I was given the key to the cash office so that I could do anything I need while she was gone. I was on express and I needed change.It is not busy, so I decide to close off to get some. I put up my sign (bright yellow w/ black text) and even dragged one of those huge, red, metal 5' candy displays in front of the lane through which customers walk when being served at my desk. I run up to the office and grab the change which was waiting there for me for when I needed it. (Isn't my boss nice, getting it ready for me so I don't need to sift through the safe?) Time elapsed: no more then 1 min. I leave the office and walk towards my cash. I stop dead in my tracks. There is a line of at least 5 people . A few squeezed by the big. heavy red display. Talk about express complex, no other lane had that many people and they all had cashiers! I walk up and am greeted with, "Where the hell were you?".
I just didn't know what to say.


Somedays I just want to lay down and have the life sucked out of me.
This is one of those days.
I just keep fucking up.
I don't want to hurt you any more, but it seems it's all I can do.
I'm sorry.
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I got back from my dentist, and I have no cavities! YAY! I am so insanly happy. I hate needles.
I need my wisdom teeth out. They are so bad that my dentist, who does some specialty work, can't do them. I'm going to beg for a general because I'll pass out if I see them cutting up my gums. It doesn't bother me to see it done on others, but to see my own teeth out...that scares me. I'm such a sissy.
Mystic is going to come visit me tommorow, and for that I am profoundly gald. :D
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Mystic has started his lj up again, so I figure I should start using mine.

The school year is coming to the end, and I will be graduating on the 26th. I'm still going back to do chemistry, but I just want this year over! I've been skipping alot of school. I haven't gone a full week in all of may. I really shouldn't do it, but some days I just can't get up.

Most days the thought of seeing my baby gets my lard ass out of bed.

Oh well, exams in two weeks, dentist today.
I haven't gone to the dentist in 2 years. I hate going. :( The only thing that gets me going is the thought of my teeth rotting out.
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