Tasha (geektasha) wrote,

A true story : Tasha and the express lane

One day I was the most senior cashier at the grocery store where I work, because my manager was on her break. I was given the key to the cash office so that I could do anything I need while she was gone. I was on express and I needed change.It is not busy, so I decide to close off to get some. I put up my sign (bright yellow w/ black text) and even dragged one of those huge, red, metal 5' candy displays in front of the lane through which customers walk when being served at my desk. I run up to the office and grab the change which was waiting there for me for when I needed it. (Isn't my boss nice, getting it ready for me so I don't need to sift through the safe?) Time elapsed: no more then 1 min. I leave the office and walk towards my cash. I stop dead in my tracks. There is a line of at least 5 people . A few squeezed by the big. heavy red display. Talk about express complex, no other lane had that many people and they all had cashiers! I walk up and am greeted with, "Where the hell were you?".
I just didn't know what to say.
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