I've neglected this lately.
Uh, I'm alive, and I guess that is what matters.
I really love Biology class, and hate philosophy class like a bitch.
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Cross posted from a message board...

commenting on greymoments "well reasearched" *cough*bullshit*cough* essay on why she doesn't agree with same sex marrage:

</i>"Not all homosexuals are "naturally" homosexual as it is sometimes a social choice and a product of early childhood trauma, isn't it unfair to place these same circumstances upon what could normally be a "straight" child." </i>

>:-( This is totaly unfair. I cannot belive some one who says she accepts her same sex friends could say that. This comment blately says that a "straight" child is better then a homosexual one, sugesting that the child would be "tainted" by the homosexual parents.

My parents divorced when I was quite young and I have very high grades, don't do drugs, lead a healthy lifestyle, don't engage in risky behavior, and love both my parents. The comments made in that book were unfouned and compleatly ludicrist.
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I walked in the house and there were girls shoes in the hall. My brother has his bitch over. We go out for an hour and she magical apeared. He is in deep sheeeeee-ot. He stormed out with her.

Jesus, I was never that pathetic. He's 14 for christ sake!
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I'm looking at a site about this book that our favorite person is reading. The site says that one of the things those mislead liberals belive is that, "girls would make excellent Marines;".
Excuse me? 'Girls' may not make excellent marines, but women certinly do. This is an insult to every woman who has ever served her country, in times of peace or war.

I can't belive a woman is saying this.Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people having right wing views and expressing them, I am mearly expressing mine.

My dad said I should be a lawyer. I don't see how being a lawyer is going to help me express my views. Maybe I'm just dull. ;-)
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Pissed off.
I wanna binge.
I wanna go see a movie.
I wanna get out of this house.
I can't believe I didn't see the truth before.
I can't believe I continue to see people who make me miserable.

Please don't make me sad anymore.
I miss you, babe.
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Daddy's got a new .45
Some how, that really sticks out in my head as one of the best lyrics ever. Maybe it's the softness of the music with the bad assed lyrics.

Time to go make some tea and fall asleep in the warm glow of the sun in my room, surrounded by the soft smoke of new incense. I've got a Tea Party album and alot of sleep to catch up on.

See you all in a few days.
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uh oh...

I'm in Domestic Goddess© mode. I'm making tomato stew, garlic-whole wheat pasta and mint-cinnomon tea. More too come, I think.
Who wants to come over for dinner? ;-)
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It's two days before school, and I can't keep any food down. Scratch that. I can't bring myself to eat anything. My mom even brought me some humus, but the thought makes me ill!

I would love to settle down to a good game of diablo, but I can barely sit still.
I'm gonna go lie down for a while and hope for the best.

I'm really exicted about this school year, and don't want to start it off sick!
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